How The Prophet Empowered The People with Special Needs


  • Juliyana Junaidi Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Latifah Abdul Majid Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Mohd Arif Nazri Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


special needs in Islam; special needs in sunnah; disability in Islam; disability in hadith


The special needs community refers to those with physical and mental limitations, which generally impact their relatively limited potential. They have been an integral part of various societies since ancient times, necessitating interactions with other society members. While ancient western societies often devalued and perceived them as burdens, Islam emphasizes values like love, compassion, and justice towards them. However, contemporary society continues to harbour stigma and exhibit a lack of understanding of the potential of the special needs community. This underscores the imperative for an Islamic approach in fostering meaningful engagement with this community. This study explores prophetic approaches to empower the special needs community from ?a??? Al-Bukh?ri, the most authoritative book of had?th. A qualitative method employing document analysis is used. The data collection involves the deductive and descriptive method, starting with the identification of hadith related to the special needs community from ?a??? Al-Bukh?ri. Books of had?th commentaries and other sources are utilized to analyse the data, including reasons of revelation, the involvement of individuals or parties, as well as the time and location. The findings reveal six prophetic approaches towards the special needs community: consideration for their needs, recognition of their rights to contribute to Allah's ways, comforting them with Allah's rewards, encouraging assistance for them, ensuring their right to perform acts of worship, and providing government protection. These approaches by Prophet Muhammad serve as a moral compass in empowering the special needs community, elevating their status as valued members deserving of respect and capable of contributing to the development of society. In Islam, this condition does not negate their existence as caliphs on earth, along with a set of rights and obligations.