A Review Of Islamic Perspectives on Transformational Leadership


  • Nur Izzaty Mohamad Universiti Sains Malaysia


Transformational leadership, Islamic, organization, behaviour


Leaders are frequently known for providing compelling organization that inspires followers to take action to achieve the vision. This topic has become very relevant in the literature and is frequently discussed in Islamic management and empirically in the study of organisational behaviour to produce productive and effective employees. Recently, the leadership literature has been confronted with the challenge of dealing with the ever-expanding spread of transformations that are altering relationships between leaders and employees. The purpose of this study is to investigate transformational leadership from an Islamic and empirical perspective. According to this study’s findings, transformational leadership has a significant impact on employee positive behaviour. As a result, leaders who use a transformational style can inspire employees to engage in positive behaviour and improve employees’ career development in 21st-century organizations.