al-Ilahiyat: Mabda' al-Sababiyyah al-Burhanat wa al-Istidlal 'ala Isbat Wujud Allah [The science of Theology: the Causality Principle and it’s Role in illustrating and Proving the Existence of God]


  • Samir Elouasbi Chouaib Dokali University
  • Adel M. Abdulaziz Al-Geriani Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin


Theology, the principle of causality, Islamic faith, divine presence


What is presented in consideration of the testimony of reason and transmission is the knowledge of the principle and the return referred to by the belief in God Almighty and the Last Day, as well as the search for evidence for the existence of God, His attributes, and His names. Accordingly, the problem of the research can be summarized as follows: What are the intellectual rules that collectively constitute the principle of causality as a deductive method deduced from the Qur’anic verses in understanding doctrinal issues related to the aspect of theology, especially the issue of proving the existence of God, and responding to claims of atheism? The main objective of the study is to identify the most important intellectual rules that determine the clear formulation of the causal principle of inference and proof.The method adopted in the research is the inductive approach to texts and systematic comparison.The results of this research: the rooting of a scientific method deduced from the Qur’anic verses in understanding and clarifying the topics of the Islamic faith by defining the principle of causality as a cognitive method that determines the rational and scientific evidence to respond to the claims of atheism, theories and perceptions of questioning the divine existence.