Introduction of Simulation in Education Management: A Literature Review


  • Wan Marfazila Wan Mahmud Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin
  • Habibah Ab Jalil Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Fadzilah Abd Rahman Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad Universiti Putra Malaysia


simulation, modeling, education management, system, efficiency


This paper is a literature review to present past studies related to simulation modeling used in educational management. The growing digital era of today has left many things to change digitally. Therefore, the field of education should not be left behind in this matter, where the management in educational institutions also needs to change in that direction to further increase efficiency in their administration. However, there are constraints that there is a management system that does not give a good effect on the administration. Therefore, this study is to see the findings of previous studies which can be an illustration to the reader about the methods and methodologies used that may help in developing a management system model. In addition, it is to enable readers to get an overview of modeling and simulation. The objective of this study is to expand knowledge about the understanding of simulation modeling and provide a discussion of what is known about simulation modeling in educational management. In addition, the addition of this study is to see the conceptual framework used in building a simulation of school management and education. The methodology used in this study is based on document analysis of past research articles. Next, literature on previous research related to modeling and simulation will also be highlighted based on different fields and categories. The results of analysis of past studies show that computer simulation is very important in helping management efficiency in educational institutions. In addition, it was found that computer processes and automated simulations are carried out commercially and rapidly at all levels of educational institutions and computers have been used as a form of integration in today's educational administration environment. The results of this study are expected to provide information to policymakers about the importance of developing an effective computer simulation to assist the administrative process in educational institutions.