Existence Factor of Synonym in Malay and Arabic Languages: A Comparative Analysis


  • Noor Eliza Abdul Rahman Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin
  • Zulazhan Ab. Halim Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin


synonym; existence factor; Malay language; Arabic language; vocabulary


Every language in the world has its own characteristics particularly in linguistic aspect. Malay and Arabic are among the languages in the world that have special characteristics of their linguistic aspects. Synonym is part of the aspects which highlight the specialty and identity of Malay and Arabic languages. In addition, the synonym has its own significance in the formation of language vocabulary. This article aims to identify the existence factors of synonym in Malay and Arabic languages. Apart from identifying factors, the purpose of this article is also to make a comparison between the existence factors of synonym in both Malay and Arabic languages. Based on a comparative analysis, it appears that the borrowing language is a significant factor in both languages in introducing synonym. From this point of difference, the Arabic language was found to have a lot of synonyms from several dialects, and this is not the case in Malay language. The study of synonym should be extended because of its importance in preserving the identity of a language, as well as a medium to enrich the vocabulary of the language.