Islam and The Challenge of Secularism Ideology


  • Jerri Gunandar
  • Najihah Abdul Wahid
  • Anas Mohd Yunus


Islam, state, Ideology of Secularism


Since its emergence for the first time to date, secularism has attracted many circles, both scientists, theologians, scholars and thinkers rather than religious groups. This is because secularism contains many contradictions, especially if this understanding is included in Islamic ideology. Because secularism is a belief that is derived from western culture not from Islam. Nevertheless, in the discourse of Islamic religious thought, there are many issues related to misunderstanding and misappropriation of understanding secularism which will negatively affect the country or religion. In this regard, this article attempts to present Islam's view of the ideology of secularism which is now a major threat to religion and nation, especially in the majority of Islam. This concept also touches on three key aspects of secularism to destroy Muslims as rational principles, principles of openness and intellectual freedom. This study uses a qualitative approach that involves the aspects of Islamic ideology and secularism that can meet the criteria set forth. The study concluded that Islam has been at the forefront of correcting secularism which now influences the Muslim mindset and the state system.