Al-Adabiyyat al-sabiqah hawl Istratijiyyat ta'allum 'Ilm al-Ma'ani laday al-natiqin bi ghayr al-Lughah al-'Arabiyyah wa atharuha fi al-tahsil al-lughawi [Previous Literature on Ilm Al-Ma'ani Learning Strategies for Non-native Speakers of Arabic Language and its Impact on Language Achievement]


  • Mohammad Saleh Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Zamri Arifin Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Lily Hanefarezan Asbulah Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Learning strategies, Ilm almaani, Non-native speakers arabic, Language achievement


Language learning strategies have great importance in learning new languages for non-native speakers, and among these languages is the Arabic language. There are many studies related to language learning strategies in its sections and the relationships these strategies to language achievement for non-native speakers of Arabic language, the aim of this study is to define studies which related to language learning strategies and Ilm Al-ma'ani for non-native speakers of Arabic language and its impact on language achievement. And to review and analyze those studies, and bridge the scientific gap in them, by extrapolating previous studies related to language learning strategies, with the aim of reaching the results that the study seeks to achieve it. Through the research, this study monitored a group of studies that dealt with the subject of language learning strategies, and this study separated those previous studies in terms of their author, year of publication, subject, objectives, approach, and results, and showed the similarities and differences in previous studies. After the survey of previous studies. Within the limits of the researcher's knowledge, no independent study was found that examined language learning strategies and linked them to Arabic rhetoric or Ilm Al-ma'ani among non-native speakers Arabic and their impact on language achievement, and this is what makes this study important.