Makhtut 'al-Kanz al-Jalil 'ala Madarik al-Tanzil wa Haqa'iq al-Ta'wil li Abi al-Barakat al-Nasafi’ li ‘Allamah Ibrahim Ibn Ibrahim al-Janaji: Dirasah wa tahqiqan

[The Manuscript ‘al-Kanz al-Jalil 'ala Madarik al-Tanzil wa Haqa'iq al-Ta'wil li Abi al-Barakat al-Nasafi’ Authored by Ibrahim Ibn Ibrahim al-Janaji: Study and Investigation]


  • Md. Masum Billah King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah
  • Muhammad Ali al-Gamidi King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah
  • Somayah Azad King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah
  • Adel M Abdulaziz Al Geriani Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin


al-Kanz al-Jalil, Madarik al-Tanzil wa Haqaiq al-Tawil, Abul Barakat al-Nasafi, Ibrahim al-Janaji.


This study investigates the interpretation of Surah al-Hadid from the beginning to the verse number-11 from the manuscript "al-Kanz al-Jalil ?ala Madarik al-Tanzil wa Haqa?iq al-Ta?wil li Abi al-Barakat al-Nasafi" authored by Ibrahim ibn Ibrahim al-Janaji known by Busailah, who is one of the great scholars of al-Azhar al-Sharif. He is an interpreter, jurist, philosopher, and linguist. The author exposed the cover from the unclear concepts of al-Nasafi in his interpretation and added definitions of the surahs, the relations between the surahs or verses, the meanings of the verses from the reliable books of interpretation, the verses related to juristic and creedal issues related to the verses, and the types of common and unusual readings of the verses. The methods used in this study are: keeping the Tafsir al-Nasafi in the boxes, then followed by the explanation of Imam Ibrahim Busaylah, and the process of investigation in the footnotes; trusting on the lone copy of manuscript and strengthening its loneliness by matching it with its sources and the author’s sources from which it was quoted, including the proof of differences and completing the shortage in his explanation; copying the manuscript according to the modern orthographic writing system with controlling the formation; attributing the Qur’anic verses to their Surahs including their numbers with writing them following the font of “Mushaf al-Madinah al-Nabawiyyah”; authenticating the sayings and various opinion of the scholars from their original sources if possible, otherwise from the secondary sources; and remarking on the issues contained in the manuscript while it is needed. The most important findings of this study are: Ibrahim Busaylah is counted as a big scholar of al-Azhar al-Sharif and he is from those who spent their lifetime efforts to distribute knowledge towards people who wants to learn; his book “al-Kanz al-Jalil ?ala al-Madarik al-Tanzil” is calculated as a most significant explanation book of ‘Tafsir al-Nasafi’; the author of “al-Kanz al-Jalil” has followed uncommon methods to write this book; and the first eleven verses of Surat al-Hadid has briefed about introduce of Allah, importance of ?iman and spending treasury in the way of Allah as well as encouraged human to spend assets for Allah by describing its rewards in hereafter.