[The Concept of Justice in Arab culture] Mafhum al-‘Adl fi al-thaqafah al-‘Arabiyyah


  • Said Ma Yanzhe Sun Yat-sen University
  • Daoud Ibrahim Theeb Abdallah Sun Yat-sen University


justice, culture, injustice, equality


Culture is one of the most important things that nations boast about and they have the right to do so. Arab nations are the ones that respects their culture, and the more culture is open to others, it benefits and benefits the greater its spread in the world and Arab culture among those important and influential cultures throughout history. Arab culture is considered as a one of the cultures open to that. This had a great spread in the world. Five centuries ago, it was one of the most important cultures in the world, and in this paper, you want to shed light on a bright side of this culture, which is justice. What is the concept of justice in Arab culture? In this research, we will identify justice in language and terminology and show that the meaning of chosen justice is the opposite of injustice. justice is putting what is in its place, then we emphasize the importance of justice in Arab culture and how this culture is based on justice, as it is a fundamental pillar in it, then we explain the areas of this justice And that it encompasses all areas of life from the ruler to the individual to the council. We show the good it brings to the nation, the danger of leaving justice, and the consequences of leaving it, and we recall that justice is not just a static concept in Arab culture, but that there are hundreds or even thousands of observations throughout history that indicate the application of this justice. Justice became a behavior at a time for the owners of Arab culture, and when justice was their behavior, their culture was at the highest ranks, as the researcher explains that justice is not always equality. We hope that we have contributed to illustrating a bright side of this great Arab culture.