Career Decision Intervention for Malaysian Adolescents in Preparing the Capabilities of Future Leaders in the IR 4.0 Era


  • Yusnita Ibrahim Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Siti Rozaina Kamsani Universiti Utara Malaysia


Industrial Revolution, Career Decision Intervention, career decision intervention strategies or CDIS, Adolescents/Future Leaders, Malaysia


The global Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) scenario has also affected the socioeconomic landscape of Malaysia. Local scholars have investigated these issues and prepared the necessary measures to moderate the effects of IR 4.0. One primary concern is the adverse challenges that adolescents face in the decision-making process concerning their future careers.  Adolescence is a critical phase where multiple changes - physical, psychological, biological, and social – occur, notwithstanding the need to make decisions based on personal and career trajectories. This paper analyzes various career decision intervention strategies used to reduce the risks associated with the dilemmas among adolescents related to career decision-making, thus enhancing their self and career efficacies. Two main databases were used, SCOPUS and Google Scholar, to seek articles relevant to the current study. At the initial stage, 178 articles were identified, but in the final stage only ten articles were suitable to be adapted as the main references for developing career decision intervention in accordance with the Malaysian adolescent context. Based on the literature, progressive changes resulting from the IR 4.0 socio-economic marginalization inevitably affect the decision-making process of adolescents in terms of their future career. Optimistic suggestions are outlined in the current study, considering the new era of Industrial Revolution 4.0. These offer grounds for concerned parties to develop career decision intervention strategies that address the needs, capabilities and interests of Malaysian adolescents in the new global work environments, hence securing their future careers and well-being.