Al-Adabiyat al-Sabiqah Hawl al-Ma’ayir al-Nasiyyah fi Diwan ‘Amru al-Nami [The Literature on Textual Standards in ‘Amr al-Nami's Poetry]


  • Samira Youssef Abu Sawa Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Zamri Arifin Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Textual standards, Amr al-Nami, Kalimat ila Zaynab


This study aims to identify, review and analyze the studies related to the text, textual standards and their applications to the Holy Qur'an, besides the literature such as poetry, prose and novel, as well as identifying studies that dealt with Amr al-Nami and his poetry, it also seeks to bridge the scientific gap existing in previous studies related to textual standards and their applications, by examining and analyzing previous studies to textual standards, in order to reach the results that the study seeks to achieve. This research will examine a group of studies and researches that addressed the subject of textual standards according to the study subject, objectives, methodology and method of analysis. In conclusion to come out with new indicators through analyzing and identifying the similarities and differences between those studies. After reviewing the previous studies, the researchers had found several studies concerned with textual standards and their applications on surahs from the Holy Qur’an and other literary texts. However, most of them did not address all the standards, but were limited to one or two standards, and from the studies that the researchers had reviewed, they found that the application of textual standards on Amr Al-Nami's poetry wasn’t addressed, so this what gives the study its significance.