Ta’sir al-Islam fi al-Amthal al-‘Arabiyyah wa al-Amthal al-Malayuwiyyah [The Impact of Islam on Arabic Proverbs and Malay Proverbs]


  • Nik Radhiah Nik Ali
  • Kamarulshukri Mat Teh


Arab Proverbs, Malay Proverbs, Quran Proverbs, Islam


This study focuses on the influence of Islamic religion and Arabic and Malay proverbs. The purpose of this study is to summarize and analyze Arabic and Malay proverbs about Islamic education. Arabs and Malays find that by calling on Islam to adopt proverbs, and examples, we can broaden the horizons of knowledge and increase our message to others. It is worth noting that there are many Arabic and Malay proverbs, but we focus on the proverbs related to Islamic education. The result of this study is the expression of Arabic proverbs and Malay proverbs in Islam. He found that Islam had a great influence on Arabic and Malay proverbs. It's obvious in Arabic and Malay for the solemn words. The influence of Islam in Arabic proverbs is the Koran, the Hadith and the prophet of the Malay proverbs and the influence of Islam provide an example of calling on Allah to remember and teach.