Management and Supervision of Education in Schools from Islamic Education Perspective

  • Muhammad Talhah Ajmain @ Jima’ain Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Ahmad Marzuki Mohamad Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Keywords: Management, supervision, Islamic Education


Management is the most important aspect in the development of a school. Good management and supervision at school level will lead education system to achieve their goals. The main responsibility of management is to ensure the institution and organisation achieve their goals. This can be achieved through the practice of efficient management and utilisation of the existing resources prudently. Additionally, if the leader is a Muslim, he should practise Islamic ethics in the school management based on the Quran, as-Sunnah and the practice of early generation of Islam (al-Salaf al-Saleh). The Islamic system and Islamic thoughts have the foundation and principles for creating a successful school management system. This chapter will discuss the main guidelines and school management from the perspective of Islam. School is an educational channel and a place where children acquire knowledge. Hence, we must refine the best method that can be used by schools in an effort of making Islamic education system a success. The fundamental responsibility of a school according to Islamic perspective is to implement Islamic education system successfully which includes the principles of morals, shariah and others.

Key words: Management, supervision, Islamic Education