A Islamization and the Vision of the International Islamic University

  • Ahmad Nabil Amir islamic renaissance front
Keywords: International Islamic University, Islamization, integration, modernization


This study attempts to analyze the role of the International Islamic University in achieving Islamization and in bringing out an integrated curricular and educational program aiming for the holistic development of the ummah and institutions at all levels of society. It also offers profound analysis of the universal values and teachings the University had imparted and its function to provide a broad spectrum and avenue for potential human growth and in driving the intellectual reform and constructing ummah wasata (the balanced community) based on Islamic worldviews, norms, principles and values in realizing Islamization process. The study also dealt specifically with the vision of the University, as enshrined in its constitution that define her character, psyche, culture and direction. It also turn to discuss specific intellectual and spiritual challenges that the modern world had posed to contemporary Muslim and the role that the University can play in providing the means to answer these challenges.I