Industrial Revolution 4.0: Innovation and Challenges of Islamic Education Teachers in Teaching

  • Muhammad Talhah Ajmain @ Jima’ain
  • Asma Nurul ‘Aqilah Mahpuz
  • Siti Nur Hadis A Rahman
  • Ahmad Marzuki Mohamad
Keywords: Islamic Education Teachers, Innovation, Challenges, Teaching


Education is an important agenda that needs to be paid attention to, since the next generation to be born is largely influenced by its education. Even the rise and fall of a nation depends on the amount of education it receives. The education field is not static, but instead, it is constantly evolving. The education system in Malaysia requires an effective blueprint to ensure that it alligns with the globalisation era. Of course, it is undoubtedly based on Falsafah Pendidikan Negara that upholds the Rukun Negara. Nonetheless, despite of the vast technological advancement and innovation today as an effect of 21st century globalisation and industrial revolution 4.0, the main natinal education objective needs to be preserved to ensure it does not digress to the point of failure. Being a core subject that needs to be taken by each muslim student, the Islamic education subject also needs to be involved in any form of innovation and transformation that takes place today. Nonetheless, the teaching and facilitating of Islamic educaton need to achieve its ultimate goal, which is to produce a muslim generation that takes the role as both servant and vicegerent of Allah on this earth. This paper intends to analyze the latest technological advancement and innovation in the education world as well as the challenges it poses towards the Islamic education teachers.